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English version will be shorter then Russian. I'll just make some comments for the pictures. If you will find any mistakes in my English please inform me :)

We were in UAE from 2-Jan-2005 to 14-Jan-2005. It was the first abroad trip for us both. For me it was the first my vacation at the sea for the last ten years! We like UAE very much! And plan to visit this country again. It was our honeymoon - we've married 6-Nov-2004.

Our hotel Carlton Tower Hotel 4*


Outside of the hotel:

Watermelon juice
Mixed juice with fruit pieces

Keyboard from Internet cafe

Shopping mall Al Ghurair
View from the window

Jeep-safari - $50/person.

Another Jeep-safari to the mountains near to the board with Oman - $70/person. It was very foggy in the morning but the sky has cleaned in two hours.

The day before excursion
Excursion day

We had prepaid lunch in very beautiful mountain hotel - Hatta Fort Hotel 5*. I think it's a real heaven for the people who likes seclusion and hates crouding. The sea is rather far but there are two good pools. Also I suppose there is a bus to the sea. Even may be to the Indian Ocean instead of Gulf.

The first visit of the beach. There was a daily bus from the hotel to the beach.

The view from the sea - as usual not croudy
Park of the beach
Safeguard ;-)
Usual Dubai sky. I'm about clouds.

Beach and sea were clean both.

The view of the
well-known hotel Burj Al Arab. AFAIK the only one 7* hotel in the world (unofficial). Sometimes you can't see it in the fog.

We have booked a personal excursion via the Dubai Creek - $6 for both.

City view from the Dubai Creek

I've met a friend in Dubai (Hello, Pradeep! :) We corresponded via e-mail about one year. I never thought I'll see him but it was happened. He was our guide in the Dubai. But now I know that 13 days is too small period to see every interesting place in UAE. You need at least one month! :)

We went to the hotel Burj Al Arab. Also nearly there is hotel Jumeira Beach hotel and aquapark Wild Wadi.

Near the enter to the hotel
View from the aquapark

Aquapark is fantastic! AFAIK it's the one aquapark at Eurasia where the water pushes you up. The second such place is in the USA.

You will not miss prayer time :-)


Pictures from the Bar Dubai - it's a business part of the city. Our hotel was located at the old part of city - Deira. Bar Dubai is a modern part of the city.


The biggest Shopping Mall - Citycentre.


More then 95% of all cell phones in UAE are Nokia. I never saw another cell phone in the hands of citizen. So I looked like local with my Nokia :)

The second day of the Shopping festival. This is an annual event. Duration is one month. Discounts are from 20 to 50 %%.


Local money
Clock Tower. The same buildings are in each emirate
View from the hotel's swimming pool
We met this girl with a cat on the street and couldn't let them pass over
Terrestrial globe with Surgut!!! :o)

About expanses: $3000 to travel company. It includes plane tickets Surgut-Dubai-Surgut + 4* hotel booking with HB. January is the most popular tourist season in UAE because in the summer temperature can be about +60 by Celsius - is not too comfortable ;) When we were in Dubai temperature was about 20-25 and 30 under the sun. In Dubai we have spent $2000 ($600 - excursions, $900 - goods, $500 - additional food). We had prepaid HB in the hotel but in the near restaurants everything were very attractive too :)

We like this travel very much and plan to visit this country again in the same season.

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